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About Tiger

Tiger is a Golden Eagle. She was hatched in captivity in 1980. She was the first eagle to make a free-flight in Jordan-Hare Stadium on August 31, 2000. She started the greatest tradition in college football. When the eagle takes flight it is more than a game-day ritual. It is a symbol of our nation's freedom.  Tiger also flew over the 2002 Winter Olympics. She retired in November 2006 and no longer makes stadium flights. Tiger is still serves as a great ambassador for Auburn University. WAR EAGLE!


Although Tiger only weighs 10 pounds, her wingspan measures 6.7 feet. Her talons measure over two inches and she can reach speeds exceeding 150 miles per hour. At age 30 she is one of the oldest living golden eagles. 

Stephen and his friend, Ray Crowe, and Tiger

Stephen Malkoff and his friends, Ray Crowe, and Tiger


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