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Southeastern Raptor Center

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine's Southeastern Raptor Center was started in the mid-1970s by Dr. Jimmy Milton at the request of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Center was staffed completely by volunteers until 1996 when a staff person was hired. In 1998 and early 2000's several large donations were given that provided for a full hospital facility and the hiring of some very qualified specialists and veterinarians.


The Center holds numerous educational events throughout the southeast providing information about raptors and their advantages to the environment. Several unreleasable raptors are used for these demonstrations. In 2005 a major donatioon provided for the building of a 300 seat amphitheater top provide a comfortable venue for flighted programs.


Since the Center first began it has been responsible for the care, treatment and release back into the wild of thousands of birds of prey. Many adults and children alike have developed a new fondness for raptors due to the thousands of educational events the Center has held.


Learn more about the Southeastern Raptor Center HERE.


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