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The History of Toomers Oaks

toomerscorner.png1868 - Sheldon Toomer, Sr. moves to Lee County after the Civil War

1872 - Sheldon L. Toomer, Jr. graduates from Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama (now Auburn University). He later returns for a pharmacy degree

1880 - Toomer's oaks are planted, perhaps by Judge John Harper, founder of the city of Auburn

1892 - Students congregate to the corner of Magnolia Avenue and College Street to celebrate after football games

1896 - Sheldon Toomer opens Toomer's Drugstore on corner of Magnolia and College. The store is home to the only telegraph machine in town

Late 1800s - Toomer's employees develop a signaling system to notify the community of AU football wins at away games. They threw the ticker tape from the telegraph machine onto the power lines outside the store

1907 - Sheldon Toomer opens Auburn Bank on corner of Magnolia Avenue and College Street

1900s - The corner remains a popular location for fans and residents of the community to congregate

1952 - Mac and Elizabeth Lipscomb purchase Toomer's Drugstore from state Senator Sheldon Toomer

1962 - Fans begin rolling power lines outside of the drugstore with toilet paper to celebrate away game wins

1972 - Don Haisten graduates from Auburn with a pharmacy degree

1984 - Mark Morgan purchases Toomer's Drugstore from the Lipscomb's

1989 - The Iron Bowl comes to Auburn for the first time and the post-win AU celebration results in trees along Magnolia and College being blanketed in toilet paper

Early 1990s - Power lines are moved underground, toilet paper is now isolated to the oaks

1992 - Toomer's Drugstore is sold to William (Billy) Beasley after Morgan's death

1999 - Don and Betty Haisten purchase Toomer's Drugs

2001 - Esquire Magazine puts Toomer's Drugstore lemonade in its number 1 spot of "162 Reasons it's Good to be an American"

2002 - Toomer's oaks project begins at AU - acorns from the oaks are collected and nurtured for use around campus

2011 - Auburn Tigers become national champions

February 16,2011 - The announcement is made that Toomer's oaks were poisoned with a lethal dose of Spike 80DF - 65 times the amount necessary to kill them

February 19, 2011 - Hundreds gather at Toomer's Corner to show their support to the Toomer's Oaks

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